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Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Triathlon (QCF)

The L2CCTRI is accredited on the Qualifications & Credits Framework (QCF) and endorsed by the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) and the International Triathlon Union (ITU); therefore, it is a nationally and internationally recognised coaching qualification.


The L2CCTRI is the second qualification offered by Triathlon England and is aimed at people with some experience of coaching (formally or informally) and of triathlon (as a participant). The knowledge gained from completing this qualification will allow you to develop an understanding of safe, ethical and effective triathlon coaching.

The certificate qualifies you to independently plan, deliver and evaluate triathlon related activities to group’s of children and/ or adults in any of the Level 2 coaching environments, including coaching in open water environments.

This certificate focuses on producing a competent club session coach who can promote the benefits of participating in triathlon, and appropriate skill acquisition through quality coaching of participants from grass roots level upwards.

The course is spread over 5 days over a period of 5-6 months

  • 4 full learning days
  • 1 assessment day
  • 40-60 hours of home study (5-7 days total)


What will I learn ?

Building on the ' how to skills' from level 1, you will start by learning how to plan sessions to develop technique and fitness. This will include

  • basic sport science
  • Introduction to periodisation
  • how to manipulate training variable to improve fitness

You will develop your technical understanding of the disciplines

  • Transition techniques and skills
  • observing and analysing swim technique
  • key elements of bike fit

Within the course you will also cover in more detail, athlete safety and welfare.  The course is supported by an online resource, which contains all the information required to complete the course, and develop your own coaching knowledge and skills.

Pre-requisites and enrolling on a Level 2 course

You are required to:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • complete a Triathlon England Course Application Form and Learner Profile associated tasks
  • be a full individual member of one of the Home Nation Triathlon Associations to qualify for the coaching insurance, before attending the course.
  • submit evidence of previous coaching qualifications or complete a direct entry process (if required)

Qualification Aim

To provide candidates with a high quality learning experience through an interactive course, delivered by high quality tutors and assessors.

You will be introduced to the processes and principles of coaching triathlon activities to groups of children and/ or adults through the application of training science.

It offers an opportunity for triathlon coaches to be supported in developing the knowledge of how to effectively plan, conduct and evaluate a series of triathlon coaching sessions for groups of participants.

Qualification Objectives

On successful completion of the L2CCTRI, you should be able to:

  • establish an effective, fair, equitable and safe coaching environment.
  • review participants needs and establish goals for coaching sessions.
  • produce plans for sessions that support participants development, deliver and conclude coaching sessions.
  • plan for the evaluation of sessions.
  • prepare participants for coaching sessions.
  • establish and maintain working relationships with participants and others.
  • develop participants performance.
  • evaluate participants performance and the effectiveness of sessions.
  • monitor and develop personal coaching practice.

Pre-course Reading

You will receive a small amount of reading prior to Day one of the course and will be required to complete a small number of forms that should be emailed to your course tutor the week before your course begins, along with access to the Level 2 e-learning resource.

Assessment Overview

The assessment for the L2CCTRI includes:

  • You will be assessed across all three practical sessions and then a formal assessment on Day 5
  • a series of written assessment tasks – completed as home study before Day 5 of the coaching programme.
  • Practical Coaching Experience Log (PCE) – you are required to deliver a series of eight coaching sessions to a group of athletes in a club environment (up to Age-Group Level) before Day 5. You should ensure you have access to an appropriate group of people for this task. If you are not involved with a club or do not have a group of participants to coach, please contact your local Triathlon England Regional Programme Manager who can help to identify possible coaching opportunities.
  • one written exam paper under exam conditions (75 minutes).

Further details of the above assessment requirements will be explained in greater detail by your course tutor.

Course Fees and Completion

The cost of the course is £550, which covers tuition for all  five days of training, theoretical and practical assessment, all coaching resources required to complete the qualification and a learner registration fee that is paid to 1st4sport Qualifications (the awarding body for the qualification).

Please refer to the course fees page, as there will be charges for missed days or late work.

Please note, this is not a residential course, therefore, you will need to arrange and pay for your own accommodation, if you require it.

Lunch and refreshments are not included in this fee; therefore provisions should be made for this also.

To enroll on a course

  • choose the course you want to attend from the Course Programme
  • you must complete the Course Application Form and Learner Profile Form

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