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Legal Claims Service

British Triathlon provides an Accident Legal Service for members of Triathlon England, who are resident in the UK, through our preferred legal partner Leigh Day & Co.

Legal Claims Service 
The thoughts of our members who have used this service:
“Excellent service from start to finish”
“This alone makes being a member worthwhile”
“Very professional support through a very difficult time”
“I was very impressed and relieved that British Triathlon has such a quality, experienced firm to represent us athletes”
The full service is provided on a discretionary basis to members who have been involved in an accident whilst training or racing as a pedestrian, cyclist or swimmer in England and Wales, and which they consider was not their fault.  Additional support is also available on a discretionary basis for accidents outside England and Wales, with special arrangements made for members resident in the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
Examples of where assistance will be provided:
  • Injury or damage arising from a road traffic accident whilst cycling or running on the public highway.
  • Injury or damage caused by a highway defect whilst running or cycling on the public highway.
  • Injury arising from the use of a swimming pool or training facilities.
Subject to our appointed solicitors being satisfied that there are reasonable prospects of succeeding in your claim, all accidents are normally covered under the terms of the scheme if they are reported to the British Triathlon Legal Helpline within 12 months., The scheme provides a full free legal costs indemnity to enable the claim to be progressed quickly and proactively.
Our lawyers will provide you with high quality legal service with potentially substantial financial benefits:
  • You will not be asked to purchase an insurance policy to indemnify you against a Defendant’s legal costs or expenses incurred in pursuing the investigation of your case in the event of an unsuccessful claim.
  • You will not be asked to personally fund any legal disbursements.
  • You will keep all of your compensation.
The British Triathlon Legal Claims Service and its solicitors will not support a member’s claim:
  • Against another competitor arising from participation in an event to include but not limited to a cycle race, time trial, triathlon or duathlon.
  • Against a race official of a British Triathlon permitted event.
  • Against another Home Nation Association member.
  • Against a member of one’s immediate family.
  • Involving product liability issues.
  • Where there is a conflict of interest between a member and British Triathlon.
The detailed terms of the Legal Claims Service are confirmed once an accident is reported.
For full details of the Legal Service, please view the Legal Service document. 

What to do in case of an Accident

Report your accident as soon as possible to British Triathlon by phone on 01509 226 161
Report your Accident
As soon as possible after your accident, please telephone British Triathlon so that your membership details and a brief description of your accident can be taken.  A report will be sent immediately to our appointed solicitors and/or insurers.
Time Limits
As a general point, the statutory time limit for bringing a claim for damages for personal injuries is three years from the date of the accident.  For cases involving property damage only, the limit is 6 years.  The sooner the matter is reported, the sooner it can be dealt with, particularly if witnesses need to be traced and interviewed.
If the member is under the age of 18 then the time limit is extended to 3 years from the date of the member’s 18th birthday.  However, it is very important to progress the claim through the member’s parent or legal guardian as quickly as possible.
Motor Accidents
We recommend that all motor accidents are reported to the Police immediately.  Insurance particulars should be obtained from any motorists involved at the very earliest opportunity.  If a motorist fails to provide this information, or you have any concerns that the information given to you is incorrect or incomplete, you should also report this to the Police immediately.
Accident Checklist
The most common accidents that befall our members occur whilst out training and racing on the public highway, either due to the negligent actions of a motorist or perhaps due to the defective surface of the road.  Keep the checklist safe to make sure that you retain a record of the important information that will help our lawyers pursue your claim.
Report it
If your accident involves a motorist, make sure that you report it to the Police as soon as possible and that you have a full note of the drivers name, address, insurance details and vehicle registration number.
If you have any problem securing the motorists details, make sure you report your concern to the police immediately so that they can take any necessary action.
Failure to report an accident to the Police in these circumstances could mean that you will be unable to pursue your claim.
  • Photos - Take photos, if you can, of the accident location and damage to your bike or any other property as soon as possible.
  • Location - If the accident occurs due to the condition of the highway, take a note of the nearest landmark (house number or lamppost number) and photos of the pothole before reporting it to the local highway authority. Make sure you keep a note of the date that the report was made, and to whom you reported the incident.
  • Witnesses - Try where possible, to gather the contact details of any witnesses who saw the accident or that could help regarding the accident location.
  • Keep a diary - Keep a diary of all your expenses such as travel costs going to and from a hospital or to obtain other medical attention.
  • Receipts for anything you spend in connection with the accident and the injuries you may have sustained
  • Take photos if you can of your injuries, particularly if they are minor and are likely to heal quickly.

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