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Member's Insurance

One of the many benefits of being a member of Triathlon England is the insurance. It is designed to protect you whilst you are taking part in the sport. You will find all the details about the insurance cover and how to make a claim.

Third Party Liability Insurance

If you are involved in an accident that causes injury to someone else, or damage to someone else's property, that was your fault (or alleged to be), this insurance will cover you for the cost of repairs or any damages awarded. 
The insurance cover is up to £10 million per incident. 
Who is covered?
  • Individual members 
  • Day members
  • Associate members 

What is covered? 

Members are covered when training for and participating in non-competitive and competitive swimming, cycling and running activities of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, cross triathlon and other related multisport events.

All swimming, cycling and running activities (e.g. leisure cycling or cycling to work) can count as training and transition and core strength training is included. This is subject to you being able to evidence that your activities are in preperation to take part in triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, cross triathlon and related multisport events
The insurance provides Worldwide cover however, claims in USA and Canada are subject to UK Law. 
What is not included? 
The cover does not include non-negligent acts, deliberate acts and damage to member's own property, such as bikes. 
Please be aware that full recovery from third parties can be affected due to contributory negligence from not wearing a helmet.
  • Participation in events that are not permitted by a Home Nation Association
  • Ownership or use of vehicles
  • Liabilities assumed under agreements/contracts
  • The first £250 of each claim (the policy excess) which the individual member is required to pay

Claim Example

An individual member is competing in a triathlon and during the bike section they accidentally hit a parked car causing damage to it.  The owner of the vehicle is holding the member responsible and wants them to pay for the repairs. 

If the member is found to be responsible, then the cost of repairs, minus the excess, will be covered by the insurance. 

Policy Documents

A copy of the relevant insurance certificates can be viewed and saved by clicking on the Useful Links. 

If you would like to a copy of the Full Policy wording, please email


Need to Claim? Please call 01509 226 153. 

Personal Accident Insurance

The Personal Accident Insurance provides cash payments if you are hospitalised overnight. It also provides lump sum payments for death and permanent disablement. 

Who is covered? 

  • Cover is available for individual members
  • Available to those aged 5-75 inclusive (Members aged over 75 can gain inclusion subject to notification and approval)

What are the benefits? 

Hospitalisation cash payment - £25 per night for up to 60 nights (excluding 1st night)

  Officials** Limit Individuals Limit
Lump Sum Benefit for Death (20% for under 16s) £10,000 £5,000
Permanent Total Disablement* £50,000 £50,000
Loss of Limbs, Eyes, Speech, Hearing £50,000 £50,000
Loss of Hearing in one ear £12,500 £12,500
Emergency Dental Costs    Max £5,000 Max £5,000

* Defined as “any and every” occupation excluding professional cycling or occupational cycling.  This policy is not a substitute for medical insurance and does not cover for temporary or partial disablement or items such as physiotherapy.

**Officials include qualified coaches, referees and safety officers

For full policy terms including the list of Capital Benefits, Sums Insured, Conditions and Exclusions please refer to the policy wording.

For a copy of the Full Schedule and Policy Wording, please email

What is not covered?

  • This policy does not cover for loss of income
  • It is not medical expenses insurance
  • The first £250 of each claim (the policy excess) which the individual member is required to pay
  • This cover is not available to; Associate members, Day members and Professional sports men and women

Please note:  Whilst the personal accident insurance  has a Worldwide Territorial Limit this is not a substitute for a comprehensive travel insurance policy, which should include medical expenses, repatriation and cancellation/curtailment. For more information on what to consider when racing abroad, please view our guide here.

Need to claim? Please call 01509 226 153.

Coaches Insurance

As a qualified coach you will be covered for claims made against you. It includes Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.  it also includes cover for trainee coaches as long as they are under the supervision of a qualified coach.

Who and what is covered? 

Qualified coaches are insured for carrying out the types of coaching for which they are qualified together with any incidental advice while coaching in the activities of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, cross triathlon and related multisport events. 

It includes claims arising from coaching triathlon activities at home and abroad. 

Qualified coaches earning up to a Gross Annual Income of £10,000. Coaches earning more than this limit will be recognised as Commercial coaches and seperate insurance will be required.

Our coaches insurance includes:

  • Third party liability insurance to a limit of £10 million for any single accident
  • Professional indemnity to a limit of £5 million 
  • Personal accident insurance

 Principal Exclusions

  • This benefit is not available for Associate members.  Coaches must be Individual members to benefit from this aspect of Insurance
  • Activities outside your qualification are not covered
  • The first £250 of each claim (the policy excess) which the individual member is required to pay

A copy of the Insurance certificate can be viewed and downloaded here.

To read the British Triathlon Coaching Guidelines, please click here.


Cycle Insurance

As you travel to events home or abroad, it is important to insure your prized possessions against theft or damage. Below is a table that illustrates some of the many benefits of taking out cycle insurance.

Yellow Jersey are the Official Cycle Insurance of British Triathlon. We have negotiated a membership discount of 10% which can be claimed by Triathlon England members by logging in to the members area Tri Connect.

  Individual Members Yellow Jersey Home Insurance Other Cycle Insurer
Public Liability Insurance (Up to £10m)        
Personal Accident Insurance (worldwide)        
Free Legal Advice and Claims Support        
Professional Indemnity for coaches        
Accidental Damage & Theft (worldwide) -      
Race Fee Cancellation -      
DNA+ Forensic Coding -      
Damage to Bike Box -      
Damage to Bike in Bike Box -      
Theft from Vehicle (unanchored) -      
Competitive Use (accidental damage) -      
Temporary Cycle Hire -      
New for Old Cover -      
Transition Cover -      
Roadside Assistance -      
Public Liability for non BTF Events (£2m) -      
Multi-bike Discount * -      
Auto Renew Discount -      
Postcode Free Pricing -      
Claims Price Freeze ** -      
Choice of Repairer -      
Cycle Insurance Compare £2,000 Bike - £165 not online £291
Cycle Insurance Compare £4,000 Bike - £270 not online £538
Multi-bike Insurance £6000 *** - £366 not online £630
Excess Bicycle - £100 not online £100 or 20%
Excess Third Party Claims - £0 £0 £500

The 'Home Insurance' benefits were referenced against AXA EXTRA HOME as supplied by Pedal Cover. For the quote comparison 'Other Cycle Insurance' Triathlon-guard was used. The Yellow Jersey Policy includes all cover as standard and is not rated on postcode, to obtain a comparative quote with Triathlon-guard postcode SE1 was used. Quotes are on a like for like basis compared to Yellow Jersey standard cover (where possible). Quotes are accurate as at 04/03/2015 – Rates are illustrative, you must visit other sites to obtain a full quotes and you must check all policy documents for all policy terms. *Full Price is charged on most expensive bicycle ** Subject to no more than 3 claims in 3 years ***Price is based on Cervelo worth £3500, a Bianchi worth £1500 and a Trek worth £1000

For more information or for a quote, please visit

Questions About Insurance?

Below are a few of the most common questions about Insurance.  If you have any additional questions, please email the team:


I am intending to do a triathlon in France and to go on a triathlon training camp in Spain.  Will the insurance cover these activities abroad?
The Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance will cover these activities abroad, and you will not need to take out a Day Licence to participate in the event. However, these policies are not a substitute for medical insurance; especially when travelling and competing abroad.  It is strongly recommended that members take out relevant travel and medical insurance. 
I'm over the age of 75, how do I make sure I am covered by the membership insurance? 
You will need to supply a letter from your Doctor that confirms you are fit to compete along with a list of the events you intend to compete in during your memebrship period. This needs to be emailed or posted to the Membership Team. 
How do I make a claim?
Please call the Membership Team on 01509 226 153.  They will take a report from you, and depending on the incident it will be sent on to our Insurance providers or our nominated solicitors to handle to the claim. 

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