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Event Permitting

Triathlon England permitted over 1150 events in 2015. By taking part in a permitted event, you can be sure of a safe, fair and most importantly enjoyable race experience.

British Triathlon/ Triathlon England provides sanctioning services to Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquathlon events across England & Wales with the objective of ensuring that the events around the country are safe and fair.

What is the purpose of a permit?

The primary purpose of a permit:

1. Ensures that the event will be conducted in accordance with the BTF (& ITU) rules, as outlined in the current rulebook.

2. Ensures that the event will be conducted in a fair and safe manner

3.  Ensures that the events planning and preparation meets the standard of quality required by British Triathlon.

4.  Ensures the event has the appropriate volunteer and participant insurance.

5.  Signifies that the Event Organiser has completed a thorough review of the swim, bike and run courses and has evaluated and considered all medical, safety and emergency requirements for the event.

6.  Maintain a positive image of the sport of Triathlon by setting minimum standards for staging of safe races which are accessible to the public.

7.   Provides a route for regress for members & competitors.


Members of the Home Nation Associations are strongly advised to only compete in events that are permitted by Triathlon England or the other Home Nation Associations. By taking part in a permitted event, you can be sure of a safe, fair and most importantly enjoyable race experience.

The event permitting process is designed to support organisers in the delivery of quality events, but also to act as reassurance to athletes taking part in those events.

By taking part in a permitted event, you can be assured that:

  • The event has the appropriate insurances in place.
  • The organiser is taking approriate measures to ensure your safety.
  • The event is run in accordance with British Triathlon Competition Rules.
  • The organiser is committed to supporting the wider development of the sport.
  • If you have a problem at a permitted event, Triathlon England will endevour to help you reach a satisfactory conclusion with the organiser.

How do you know an event is permitted?

Only the events listed on the Triathlon England and the Home Nation Associations websites are events that have applied for an event permit. Next to each event name there is a traffic light symbol. Those that are green have completed the permitting process successullly and have been issued with their permit. At the event you will see the event permit certificate clearly displayed in registration.

What to do if you have concerns about a permitted event

If you have taken part in, or plan to take part in a permitted event and you have concerns about the way the event is organised you can contact Triathlon England, in confidence, to report the issues. Triathlon England will then look into the matter on your behalf and work with the organiser to resolve any issues that there may be. 

If you take part in a non-permitted event, Triathlon England cannot help you if you experience any problems at that event.


Organisers who permit their events show a responsible approach to event delivery contributing to the continued success of the sport and have the full support of Triathlon England.

Benefits of permitting include:

Increased Prestige - A British Triathlon permit improves the public perception of a quality event.  A permit tells athletes that the event is being run according to competition rules and meets minimum guidelines for fairness and safety.

Event Promotion

  • Permitted events are listed on the British Triathlon website, receiving 300,000 unique visits to the site.
  • Advertising of event listing through Social Media Channels
  • Advertising of permitted events listing to all Home Nations members – British Triathlon Home Nation membership continues to grow and these athletes are continually looking on our events listing for their next challenge. Advertising of permitted events listing in Triathlon & Lifestyle publications

Liability Insurance – Participants can purchase ‘Day Membership’ which covers them for third party liability insurance, this covers individual athlete accidents at the event.

Opportunities to host National Championship and GB Age Group team Qualifying Events

Online Entry – Permitted events have the ability to use British Triathlons Online Entry System, this has been built into the Event Management System.  The Online Entry System is designed to make the entry process as easy and smooth as possible for both Event Organisers and the Participant.  Additionally there is a low charge of 4% to use the system which covers the cost of maintenance of the system and any credit card fees.

Tri Connect – Permitted events have the ability to have their results displayed within the Tri Connect membership area.  Home Nation members can now view their results, compare within their events, with other competitors and add the results to their profile.

Officials – Permitted events have access to qualified Technical Officials to officiate at their event.  Technical Officials are only covered by insurance to officiate at permitted events.

Motorcycle Officials – Permitted event have access to qualified Motorcycle Officials.  British Triathlon covers the cost for insurance for all qualified motorcycle officials at permitted events.  As with Technical Officials, Motorcycle Officials are not covered to assist with the safety and reduction of drafting at an event if the event is not permitting with British Triathlon.

Help & Support – Permitted events have continual help & support from British Triathlon/ Triathlon England staff.   Staff are on hand to offer advice/ feedback on best practice event set up and operations, reviewing and providing feedback on risk assessments so that athletes have a great day and return to race again.

  • Access to Event Organiser system with a wealth of guidance, advice and best practice documents.
  • Support from Regional Manager and Event Engagement Manager to assist with planning of an event.
  •  Link with industry specialists and experts.

Investment in the sport – All funds received from permitting of events are spent within the sport to encourage participation in the sport, raise the profile of Triathlon and in turn increase the number of people taking part in events.

  • Cost of insurance for competitors and any claims associated with this.
  • Technical Officials education & insurance
  • Motorcycle officials education & insurance
  • Development of new and useful services for event organise
  • Resource Development – best practice guidance using industry experts
  • Assists with the development of programmes to encourage more participants into the sport
  • Upkeep of  Event Organiser System and website
  • Triathlon Promotion & advertising inc Triathlon England Championships

To Permit your event with Triathlon England, please visit the Event Organisers website.

A step-by-step guide to the permitting process can be found in Useful Links.

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