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Chair's Message

Debbie Clarke, Chair of Triathlon England, discusses the importance of celebrating the awards.

"The Triathlon England Awards provide a great opportunity for us to thank those wonderful people whom without the sport simply wouldn't exist. The people who are the first to arrive and the last to leave. The people who give their time, energy and passion. Some seen as we compete and train and a lot not, dedicating their time to helping others to experience and develop in swim, bike, run.

"Volunteers is a broad term that encapsulates so much, whether it is the people who help events to run safely, put on coaching sessions or simply without whom our experiences of swim, bike, run wouldn't be the same. The awards provide the chance to recognise and promote the fabulous work all our volunteers do, but also to highlight just how important volunteers are throughout the country in all sports.

"Having been involved in the sport in many different ways for many years, I know first-hand just how important volunteers are, the impact they have had on me personally and the level of commitment that they show with everything they do.

"To everyone involved in swim, bike, run I encourage you to look around your communities, clubs and friends, to those people who have supported you in your journey so far and nominate them for an award. There are 10 award categories to choose from and nomination should only take five minutes but would mean the world to them to be recognised.”


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