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Triathlon England AGM 2018

The 2018 Triathlon England AGM was held on Saturday 10th November. For information on the triathlon England awards please see here.

A New Code for Sport’s Governance was brought in during 2017. For information on this and the changes which were accepted by Triathlon England at the 2017 AGM please see here.

The date of the 2019 TE AGM will be the 9th November, venue TBC.


AGM 2018 Presentation slides;

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


The resolutions which the membership voted on in 2018 are listed below:

Special Resolution No 1:

In respect of Regulation 39, composition of the TE Management Board be amended specifically to merge the role of Director – Membership Portfolio and Independent Director – Communications and Marketing:

Remove the role of;

“Director – Membership Portfolio”

Remove the role of;

“Independent Director – Communications and Marketing”

          Replace with the consolidated role of;

“Independent Director – Marcomms and Membership”


and that Sally Lockyer, the existing Independent Director for Communications and Marketing, should serve on the TEMB in the new role of Independent Director for Marcomms & Membership for the remainder of her current term of office.


Special Resolution No 2:

In respect of Regulation 39, composition of the TE Management Board:

Remove the role of;

“Director – Events, Rules and Technical Portfolio”


          Replace with the role of;

“Director – Events & Participation”


Special Resolution No 3:


In respect of Regulation 39, composition of the TE Management Board:

Remove the role of;

“Director – England Talent Portfolio”

          Replace with the role of;

“Director – Talent Development”


Special Resolution No 4:


In respect of Regulation 39:

Remove –

“…the TE Management Board shall consist of ten TE Directors...”


“…the TE Management Board shall consist of nine TE Directors...” 


Special Resolution No 5:


Insert additional paragraph to Regulation 41:

“On the recommendation of the Nomination Committee, the Board may appoint one additional Director to be a member of the Nomination Committee if that director has been appointed as a co-opted Director under Regulation 42 and that Director would have qualified to be appointed as an Independent Director under the test contained in Regulation 48.”


Special Resolution No 6:


Insert additional paragraph to Regulation 44:

“The Nominations’ Committee must seek to build a diverse and inclusive Board and shall use their best endeavours to ensure diversity is achieved.”


Special Resolution No 7:

In respect of Regulations 78 and 79, the existing text of Regulation 79 be added at the end of the text of Regulation 78 and insert as new Regulation 79:

“The TE Management Board may adopt (and subsequently amend, suspend or terminate) a procedure (the “Procedure”) for voting by online means on resolutions that are proposed for General Meetings.  The Procedure must be made available to Members on the Triathlon England website before Members are given notice of a General Meeting in respect of which procedure is to be used.  In the event of any inconsistency between the Procedures and the rules governing procedures and timescales specified in Regulations 80, 84, 85, 92, 93 and 101, the Procedure will take precedence in respect of resolutions proposed for General Meetings while the Procedure is in operation.  In respect of resolutions to amend these Regulations, the Procedure must require that the resolution must be supported by at least 75% of the votes cast and that the period from (i) when details of the resolutions (and information on the process for voting) are made available to Members; to (ii) the date on which online voting closes, must be at least 21 days.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Procedure will not have to allow Members that are clubs the opportunity to vote.  The Procedure may make provision for voting by other means in addition to online voting (for example, in person at the relevant General Meeting). 

and insert the heading “General Meetings” before Regulation 78.”


Alongside this years AGM meeting there was a series of workshops was open to the general public. The workshops are aimed to improve, learn and discuss around different elements of the triathlon journey.

The workshops that took place are as follows: 

  • Maximising Funding Opportunities
  • 2019 Regional Junior Race Series Workshop
  • The Club Experience; How to be an extraordinary club for your people
  • Time to listen, training for club welfare officers
  • Clean Sport & Anti-Doping
  • Club Volunteer Experience; Giving your volunteers an excellent experience

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