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Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham

Be the first to know about the Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham 2019 with event distances for everyone, from first-time triathletes through to Britain’s best age-groupers, along with spectator and volunteering opportunities.

Bill James

Bill came to Triathlon when he hit 40 and had left behind twenty years of rugby at club and county level finally finished by a knee injury.

What he has come to realise since is that this is a far from ideal grounding for success in triathlon, but like so many others once involved he was totally hooked. After much experimentation at all distances up to Ironman Bill is still searching for the best format to suit his limited skills and is meanwhile working hard on all his many athletic weaknesses. 

Fortunately he brings to the board a background in setting up and running businesses, experience as a non-executive director and a day job as chairman of a successful strategy and change consultancy. That combined with a passion for triathlon and the mindset of an improving Age-Group athlete make him more ideally prepared for his role with Triathlon England. 

Bill was appointed to the Triathlon England Board in January 2013 as Independent Director Business and was appointed as Chairman in January 2015.

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