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Children's Event or the Year - Reason to Disability Tri


Nominations for the 2019 Triathlon England Awards are currently open. We caught up with Tracey from Reason to Disability Tri, 2018 Children’s Event of the Year

It was so amazing to be nominated for the regional awards and with so many good children's events in the North East we were honoured to win. Winning the regional award meant we were automatically nominated for the National awards and it felt like so surreal for our tiny children’s event to be up against some big nationally promoted events.

For Jo and myself, as organisers, our reward comes from seeing the kids cross the finish line having battled against their own problems. Whether that’s seeing them walk across the line unaided or riding a bike for the first time ever and having an absolute blast all day.

There is a lot of work goes in behind running events, clubs and activities, so I think nominating someone is a great way to thank and show appreciation to volunteers. We know parents love the event and having someone nominate your event for an award makes you feel like all the work that goes in as a volunteer is really appreciated and is a great way to thank the volunteers.

Whilst the Reason to Disability Tri went on to win an award, having the system in place to nominate volunteers is hugely important, whether those nominated win or not. Just the process of being nominated goes a long way to thank the volunteers throughout the sport and recognises we are lucky to have so many unsung heroes in the background making events, clubs and training sessions happen.


If you want to publicly recognise a volunteer who has helped you on your triathlon journey, nominate them for one of the 2019 Triathlon England Awards before they close on 4 September. There are 10 awards that volunteers can be nominated for:


  1. Young Volunteer of the Year
  2. Volunteer of the Year
  3. Technical Official of the Year
  4. Children’s Coach of the Year
  5. Participation Coach of the Year
  6. Children’s Event of the Year
  7. Club Event of the Year
  8. Commercial Event of the Year
  9. GO TRI Organiser of the Year
  10. Club of the Year


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