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Get yourself GO TRI ready with our gym training sessions!

If you’re not quite ready to take on a triathlon or multisport event, don’t lose sight of your TRI dreams and give up before you’ve even begun! Give our GO TRI Gym training sessions a go, and practice and progress your swimming, cycling and running skills in a gym setting near you.  

GO TRI Gym training sessions are delivered by triathlon-trained instructors, giving you the tools to improve in all triathlon disciplines. You don't need any equipment to get started and you can choose sessions that suit you – indoor cycling, treadmill running, pool swimming and conditioning, are all available to get you triathlon ready.

Swim Sessions. Pool-based swim sessions with a trained instructor will improve your swimming fitness and stroke technique, to create the basic skills to help you make a splash in the pool.

Cycle Sessions. Cycle sessions are delivered on gym bikes or indoor cycling classes. These will build your fitness, strength, endurance and confidence on the bike.

Run Sessions. A pair of trainers is all you need to get going here. Run sessions will help you improve your running fitness. These sessions are on treadmills or simple short circuits, at a level that is appropriate to you – no one gets left behind.

Conditioning Sessions. Triathlon uses almost every muscle in the body, so there are a range of sessions to work different muscle groups. Core sessions to strengthen key core muscles. Circuit and strength sessions to develop endurance and prepare you for transition. Flexibility sessions to stretch out your body, relax and focus the mind.

There’s lots of GO TRI Gym sessions taking place all year round, pop your postcode into our online search to find a session near you: gotri.org/training

GO TRI and DW Fitness First collaboration

You may have noticed on our website that we are working in collaboration with DW Fitness First, to deliver a unique gym challenge called Have A GO TRI across 123 health clubs in the UK. The aim of the challenge is for members of DW Fitness to incorporate this challenge into one of their routinely workouts. The challenge consists of a 300m swim/500m row, 7.5km cycle and 1.5km run. These can be completed in any order and can be spread out over a few sessions. We are offering our members a free guest pass into their local DW Fitness so they can take on the challenge. Find out more here.

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