It all started with a relay...


Fun, informal and free from any pressure, Louise perfectly sums up her experience of GO TRI.

"Two years ago and at 45 years of age, having done no exercise since school I decided I wanted to run. I found a local running club that ran a beginners group. I joined and started running and it was there I met my friends Ann and Diane.  Earlier this year they took the exciting step into triathlons and I remember thinking I'd never be able to do one as although I could run (slowly) I could hardly swim and hadn't been on a bike since my teens!

Between them they persuaded me to join them in a team triathlon where I did the run leg and amazingly we won the team event (only two teams entered and the other team was also a group of our friends but no one needs to know that!)  

My interest in triathlons was ignited and I knew I needed to do a solo event. 

Ann suggested the GO TRI Skipton event planned for October and even though I was still having swim and cycle worries I signed up. 

I dragged my daughter's old, heavy and far too small bike out of the garage and went on a couple of free adult cycling courses run by our local transport authority. At the same time I started going to swimming sessions run by Tri Rivington. 

The GO TRI Skipton event was cheap, informal and most importantly short! A 200m swim, 9k bike and 2.6k run and seemed the perfect opportunity for me to have a go!

I found a tri suit for £5 and and equally cheap cycling top in the reduced bucket in a low cost supermarket,  borrowed Ann's hybrid bike so I was ready to go!

The day started early to get Ann and I from Bolton to Skipton for the 7am briefing. The organisers and volunteers were brilliant soothing my nerves and fears and giving me tips about managing the transitions.

After only two swimming lessons I was still very nervous and panicked a little in the pool, thinking everyone else was faster than me and everyone else in the pool area was watching me. Of course neither was true but at one point I was glad I had spent so little on my gear as at that moment as I was never doing another! 

I got through the swim and managed the first transition using all the tips the lovely marshals had suggested and set off on the bike leg. The course was two laps and had a hill but amazingly I managed to cycle all the way up it both times and as I came along the dual carriageway back towards the sports centre on lap 2 I was shouting out loud that I'd done it! The easy bit was supposed to be the run but for the first part I felt like I was running on someone else's legs, very odd! The run was lovely, two small laps of the park and I was soon heading to the finish where Ann was waiting for me to finish. It was emotional and amazing! 

The GO TRI Skipton event gave me the opportunity to have a go.

It was fun, informal and free from any pressure. I didn't have to spend loads of money on entry or gear. All the marshals were incredibly helpful and encouraging and there was a mix of experience amongst the other entrants.  

I'd definitely encourage anyone who's even considering having a go to find a similar GO TRI event near them as completing your first triathlon gives you such a buzz!  I've now bought a bike, I'm continuing with my swimming session and I've booked on a couple of longer sprint events in Spring.

I'm and also eagerly awaiting GO TRI Skipton's dates to be published so I can go back again and try and beat last years time!"

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