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Lifting the lid on parenting a junior athlete


Parents are the main cheerleader, taxi-driver and support for junior athletes and their role often goes unnoticed or downplayed.

Through the current lockdown, the role of parents has increased as much as ever with children at home 24/7 and home schooling the norm. However, for parents of junior athletes, they’re also taking on a much more facilitative role.

Athletes on the England Next Generation, Triathlon Scotland Development and Welsh Development Academy squads, whilst supported by coaches and training camps, still rely heavily on the support and sacrifices of their parents and family members even in normal times.

These youth and junior athletes often still live at home and, just as they balance school and training, it can be a juggling act for their parents with jobs, other children and family life.

Recorded at home during lockdown, Jack Stanton-Stock, an athlete in the England Next Generation squad, interviews his mum Tabitha on her experience of his journey from TriStar to European Youth Championships and what it’s like to be the parent of a junior athlete.


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