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Lindsey McDermott – Helping us to celebrate Women’s Sport Week


Mum Lindsey has never been athletic in her life, but after volunteering to help at a triathlon in Leeds last year, she decided to give it a go. Now the 47-year-old is looking for her next GO TRI and perhaps even a sprint triathlon.

Lindsey shares her fantastic triathlon jouney, as part of our women’s sport week celebrations. We hope her story, along with other women we’ll be featuring this week, inspires more women and girls to get involved in sport and give TRI a go!

“I volunteered at the Brownlee Tri at Harewood in September 2016. I saw so many other women of all ages and levels of fitness giving it a go and having such a fantastic time, I thought it might be something I could do too.

“I’ve never been in the least bit athletic. I’ve done a bit of running, but I’m not a strong swimmer and haven’t been on a bike for years. As my children have got a bit older and I have had a bit more time, I wanted to improve my fitness and give myself a challenge.

“I’d watched the Leeds Triathlon last year, and knew a couple of people who had done the GO TRI event. I thought, ‘maybe I can do that’, so I signed up without really thinking it all through. What had I got myself into!

“Someone recommended that I look at the GO TRI website, as they were running sessions for people who were new to Triathlon. I found a 10-week course at Leeds University called ‘Train for GO TRI for complete beginners’, and needing a bit of motivation to do some training in the winter months, I signed up for it.

“I was really nervous going to the first session as I was worried that I wouldn’t be fit enough or fast enough, but everyone there seemed to be in the same boat. It was brilliant to talk to other people with similar worries and experiences. The coaches were fantastic – they were so positive, and their whole attitude was about just being there and giving it a go.

“About a month before the event, there was a training day where we got to practise the run and cycle route, transition, and my nemesis – the open water swim. Getting in the lake for the first time was pretty terrifying for me. But, again, sharing it with a group of other triathlon newbies and a brilliant coach made it far less scary.

“So on the day I felt about as prepared as I could be. Once I was in the water and the nerves had settled, I loved it! The atmosphere was fabulous. It was still a challenge, but crossing the finishing line was the most amazing feeling ever.

“I’m a mum, I’m 47 and I’m a triathlete! It’s given me so much self-confidence – I look back at that woman about to jump into Roundhay Park lake, and think ‘wow – she can do anything’. And it’s really important for me that my girls see that too.

“I can’t wait to do it again next year – and maybe try one with a longer swim. I’ve definitely got the triathlon bug – and if I can do it, anyone can. I’ll never be particularly fast – but I’ll finish eventually and have an absolute ball along the way!

Inspired by Lindsey’s story and wanting to give TRI a go? Visit to find GO TRI gym sessions and events near you. 

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