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Newly Qualified Technical Officials in 2017


Technical Officials are a key part of our sport, and a total of 77 volunteer Technical Officials qualified in 2017, and are listed below.

Well done to everyone - we hope you’re looking forward to ensuring positive race experiences for all participants taking part in triathlon in 2018! Thanks also must go to all the Technical Officials who helped with shadow assignments throughout the year – your guidance and support is invaluable.

Local Technical Officials

Rob Atkin (SC); Terry Ballard (SW); John Brown (Wal); John Cameron (Y); Michelle Campbell (L); Richard Clifford (Wal); Helen Cooney (NW); Ross Crombie (Sco); Paul Cuthbertson (WM); Oliver Dales (SC); Alexis Dinsmor (NW); Heidi Elliott (EM); John Glyde (SW); Philip Hall (EM); Nick Hannah (Y); Elaine Hill (Y); Vivien Hollis (SW); Jacqueline Hunter (SE); Hilary Johnson (EM); Cerianne Jones (Wal); David Jones (Wal); Claire Mansfield (L); Angela McDonald (E); Judith Marshall (Y); Donna McHugh (Sco); Andrew Morse (Sco); Martin Nicholson (Y); Steven O’Loughlin (SE); Candice Parker-Smith (NW); Colin Pink (Y); Eleanor Preece (Wal); Jeannette Richards (Y); Merilin Sikk (Wal); Heather Stokes (WM); Diane Swanepoel (E); Roderick Thomson (NW); Sasha Vail (E); Beverley Vasey (E); Mark Walby (Y); Allan Whaley (SE); Katherine Willoughby (SC); Lisa Wiltshire (SW); Neil Wold (NE)

Regional Technical Officials

Louis Adams (Wal); Robin Barber (EM); Emma Carter-Biggs (SC); Gavin Davis (SE); Andrew Deans (Wal); Phil Elgar (Wal); Karl Grainger (L); Alan Hodgson (SE); Alfonso Jiminez (EM); David Kay (E); Philip Kethro (Wal); Andrew Maclaen (Wal); Mark Philo (E)

Motorcycle Officials

Roy Broad (WM); Steve Cox (Y); Garry Cross (SE); Ben Everard (SW); Vernon Gaiger (E); Stuart Gay (Wal); Lilian Hobbs (SC); Andrew Hough (WM); Howard Jones (WM); Shaun Joughin (NE); Ian Large (IoM); Alastair McBean (Sco); David Morrison (Sco); David Nash (Sco); Alan Neilson (Sco); Kevin Owens (Sco); Kevin Parrish (SE); Su Parrish (SE); Mike Southby (SW); Rick Stowell (SW); John Webb (NW); Phillip Williams (Wal)

(E – East; EM – East Midlands; L – London; NE – North East; NW – North West; SC – South Central; SE – South East; SW – South West; WM – West Midlands; Y – Yorkshire; Wal – Wales; Sco - Scotland)

Annual Awards

We would also like to congratulate our Technical Officials of the Year – thank you for your commitment to triathlon officiating!

National Awards

Triathlon England Triathlon Scotland Welsh Triathlon
Jamie Gordon Mark Stothart Philip Kethro

Regional Awards

Region Technical Official of the Year
North East David Lauckner
Yorkshire Richard Wasling
East Midlands Jamie Gordon
East David Bennett
London Alan Spelling
South Central Jan Goble
South East Dick Donovan
South West Jon Forsyth
West Midlands Paul Twose
North West John Tuer

Are you interested in becoming a Technical Official? We have a number of courses taking place in 2018, please visit the website here for more details.

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