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Triathlon England Awards: BRAT


To be nominated for Club Event of the Year was an excellent feeling and made all the effort worthwhile. The late nights planning, early mornings setting up and was great that our volunteers were recognised for all the selfless effort they have put in over the years to make the event special.

I would definitely recommend people to nominate in the Triathlon England Awards.  If they have enjoyed an event and feel it needs recognising, especially for the effort from the volunteers then get the event recognised and show your gratitude for all the effort everyone puts in behind the scenes to make your experience special.

It is vitally important to have a successful triathlon awards scheme where volunteers can be recognised and rewarded. Our volunteers have swum by the side of nervous swimmers to help them finish and settle their nerves, offering encouragement to the novices and experienced athletes alike to help them get to the finish line on the bike and run elements, and whilst not in line with the rules, have also walked or jogged with the tail enders to make them feel as special as anyone else taking part, which they are, and help them finish. Without the volunteers the event would not be what it is and we always put on prizes and have run things like Paddleboard tasters etc for our volunteers to recognise how important they are to the event.

Being nominated for an award shows everyone that the hard work they have put in, whether it’s giving up months to plan and run the event, or selflessly give up a morning to ensure someone has a great experience is recognised. We must also recognise whilst the event is listed as BRAT (Birmingham Running, Athletics and Triathlon Club), it is also the volunteers from other clubs like Warley Wasps and Titans triathlon, and Birmingham Lifeguards that also make a massive contribution and show triathlon really is one big family.


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