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Triathlon England Awards: Beth Swanston


Nominations for 2019 Triathlon England Awards are currently open! We caught up with Beth Swanston, 2018 Volunteer of the Year, on her experience of being awarded a Triathlon England award.

I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated; embarrassed by the attention; and humbled that people took the time to put me forward for volunteer of the year! It was great to receive the award because a lot of the work of volunteers goes on behind the scenes and is unnoticed, so to be thanked like this was simply amazing. It’s great for all the volunteers at the club to get this recognition.

To have the amount of time and effort that goes on behind the scenes at clubs and events across the country recognised at the awards is so important, because without volunteers our sport just wouldn’t function. Events, training sessions and clubs all run on time and energy invested by volunteers, so being able to express gratitude for them is fantastic!

I’d definitely recommend that all Triathlon England members take the time to nominate volunteers that help at their clubs, events and training session. It really doesn’t take long to nominate, so please do!

If you want to publicly recognise a volunteer who has helped you on your triathlon journey, nominate them for one of the 2019 Triathlon England Awards. There are 10 awards that volunteers can be nominated for:

  1. Young Volunteer of the Year
  2. Volunteer of the Year
  3. Technical Official of the Year
  4. Children’s Coach of the Year
  5. Participation Coach of the Year
  6. Children’s Event of the Year
  7. Club Event of the Year
  8. Commercial Event of the Year
  9. GO TRI Organiser of the Year
  10. Club of the Year

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