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Triathlon England Awards: Boundary Breeze Sprint Triathlon


2019 Triathlon England Award Nominations are currently open. To hear about what being an award winner means, we caught up with John from Manchester Triathlon Club who won Club Event of the Year for Boundary Breeze.

Being nominated made us feel really proud as a club. It’s a huge thank you and pat on the back to all of our brilliant members, who volunteer their time year after year, to ensure Boundary Breeze keeps getting better. To know that our participants value the event so highly that they took the time to nominate us is real encouragement to all the volunteers involved in running the event.

The triathlon community has an enviable reputation for sharing, supporting and celebrating success. No matter where we are in our triathlon journey, there’s an Event Organiser, volunteer, Technical Official, club committee member or coach who’s made a huge difference along the way. Having the Triathlon England Awards helps us to elevate this success; and gives a great platform to the people and clubs who continue to grow our sport. Giving the triathlon community the chance to recognise these volunteers is absolutely essential.

2018 was our most successful Boundary Breeze, however none of it would have been possible without the time, effort and skills of our volunteers. Like at all events across the country, the army of volunteers, who help the event to run smoothly and support the athletes, are invaluable to the success of the event.

If you want to publicly recognise a volunteer who has helped you on your triathlon journey, nominate them for one of the 2019 Triathlon England Awards. There are 10 awards that volunteers can be nominated for:

  1. Young Volunteer of the Year
  2. Volunteer of the Year
  3. Technical Official of the Year
  4. Children’s Coach of the Year
  5. Participation Coach of the Year
  6. Children’s Event of the Year
  7. Club Event of the Year
  8. Commercial Event of the Year
  9. GO TRI Organiser of the Year
  10. Club of the Year

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