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Triathlon England Awards: Sasha Vail


What does it mean to be nominated for a Triathlon England award? Find out from one of our 2017 winners and find out how to nominate someone for this years awards.

I was thrilled to receive recognition for my efforts in representing young people in triathlon, not just in our region but in the country as a whole. To actually win the award was a massive achievement. It is nice to be acknowledged for doing something in sport that doesn’t mean that I have to be the best athlete.

I definitely would recommend people nominate others as the more people who get involved the better for the sport. Once people are recognised for their efforts, it creates a snowball effect as others want to get involved with volunteering which can only ever be a good thing. From running a major even to running a weekly training session it takes many volunteers whether they are coaches, people to take registration, people who sell the kit or the committee members of your club and it is nice to be recognised and to recognise others for their support and commitment to the sport.

I think it is important that the sport should recognise every aspect of the sport from all the volunteers who give up their time at grass-roots level up to the athletes who compete for their country. Without support from parents, volunteers and coaches at grass roots level, there won’t be enough talented athletes entering academies or climbing through the talent tree.

There are so many benefits to being nominated for an award. I have certainly earned respect from my peers and from other coaches and volunteers in my region. It’s a fabulous addition to my CV as it shows my dedication to the sport and reflects on the effort and total participation that I put into my sport. It’s given me the bug to continue to volunteer in my region knowing that someone has appreciated all the hard work that me and my fellow volunteers have put in.

The 2018 Triathlon Awards nomination window is open between the 6 August - 12 September. Find out how you can recognise and reward those who contribute to our sport here.

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