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What is the role of a Regional Academy?


Applications for the regional trials which take place annually in September/October are now open. All athletes whether new or returning are required to go through the three stage process.

Regional Academies represent the third step on the pathway of the Athlete Development Framework (ADF) and are the first purely performance focused step. The academies provide guidance for triathlon coaches, clubs, parents and talented young athletes (aged 13-19), who aspire and have the potential to compete at the highest level within the sport of triathlon. The academies are run by a regional lead who is the direct link and a bridge between the region and the England Talent Programme. 

The goal of the Regional Academy is to create a supportive, challenging and inspiring environment to help aid and guide Whole Athlete Development in line with the 6 Pillars of the British Triathlon Athlete Development Framework (ADF). This is achieved through experiences that are above and beyond that which the athlete can access in their home training environment. Such experiences expose athletes to and allow them to explore and enhance the following:

  1. Their skills, knowledge and understanding of triathlon.
  2. Their physical, psychological and emotional capabilities and robustness.
  3. Appropriate professional behaviours.
  4. Age and stage appropriate performance standards, both domestically and internationally.

Application and Selection for the Regional Academy

Regional Academy Trials take place annually in September/October - this is a three-stage process. All athletes whether new or returning are required to go through this process.

i. Application

Applications are open to all athletes in Region aged between 13 and 18. Athlete age for Academy Trials is taken as age on 1st September. Applications will require athletes to evidence swimming and running standards over the following distances:

  • Ages 13 -15: 200m swim/1500m run
  • Ages 16-18: 400m swim/3000m run

Unless under exceptional circumstances performances will need to be verified on the British Swimming or UK Athletics databases.

ii. Academy Time Trials

Academy Time Trials are held over the relevant age appropriate distances. Academy Time Trials in line with the ADF are a One Day One Race opportunity. Athletes are given the opportunity to stand up and deliver their best performance on that given day. The day will give the Academy coaching team the chance to observe athletes not only delivering their best but also the various processes that support this.

iii. Stage 3 Assessment

Is a more detailed look at the athletes’ abilities and behaviours across several elements relevant to the other 5 pillars of the ADF as well as their physical and technical capabilities. The length of stage 3 varies from region to region and can be anything from one day to six months. Whatever the length of this period assessment will be continuous. This gives the coaches a broader and deeper understanding of each athlete allowing more objective selection decisions to be made.

Final selection to either Academy, Affiliate or Development Squad is region specific. Academies will vary across regions according to numbers, set up and current standards. Normally, Affiliates or Development Squad members will be expected to score around 320 points as a minimum standard for entry as well as reflect the development and associated professional behaviours aligned to the ADF. Full Academy members normally will need to score in the region of 340 points along with evidencing the supporting behaviours and development in line with the ADF.

View the Regional Academy Guide Application Form

Points Calculator and Regional Information

If you are considering applying for your regional academy you can use points calculator below to both find a link to your regional academy web pages as well as generate a points score by inputting your short course swim (25m pool) and track run times. Additionally you can find examples times in each age/gender that trigger 150 points here. If you have any further questions please contact your regional lead.

Guide examples of the short course swim (25m pool) and track run times in each age/gender that trigger 150 points

  Boys Girls
  Swim Run Swim Run
Youth 200m 1500m 200m 1500m
Age 13 02:36.1 05:06.0 02:40.0 05:37.5
Age 14 02:33.1 05:00.0 02:38.4 05:34.2
Age 15 02:30.1 04:54.1 02:36.9 05:30.9
Junior 400m 3000m 400m 3000m
Age 16 05:10.6 10:21.2 05:26.4 11:38.8
Age 17 05:04.5 10:09.0 05:23.2 11:25.1
Age 18 05:00.0 10:00.0 05:20.0 11:15.0

Points Calculator

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Swim points:  
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Total points:  

Skills School

Athletes interested in pursuing triathlon further but do not currently meet the selection standards are encouraged to get involved with Skills School. Find out more about Skill School and search for regional dates here.

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