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Your 2015 Triathlon England Champions


This year we saw Triathlon England Champions crowned across eight events throughout the season. Here we celebrate our title-holders and look ahead to the opportunities in 2016.

Cross Duathlon

James Walker, Glen Whittington, Scott O’Neill, Jim McConnel, Rick Featherston, Paul Spowage, Nicholas Farnell, Richard Hardy, Ted Hamilton, John Brown, Kirsty Vogan, Claire Hitchings, Liz Pillans, Karen Haley

Sprint Distance Triathlon

Sean Wylie, Max Jenkins, Daniel Speed, Haukur Heimisson, Carl Shaw, Duncan Shea-Simonds, Alan Harris, Bob Pearce, Anthony Brown, Alan Collingburn, Ted Hamilton, Stuart Lumb, Nigel Dimmock, Kate Curran, Sophia Saller, Renee Haver, Katherine Barrett, Claire Vallance, Samantha Boswell, Angela Wylie, Sara Northover, Jane Bell, Alison Vessey, Helen Hayes

Standard Distance Triathlon

Jack Hindle, Jordan Skelly, Alex Lawton, James Travers, Oliver Milk, Iain Robertson, Sean Flynn, Stuart Robinson, Terence Johnson, Christopher Owens, Michael Smallwood, Bill Shackcloth, Nigel Dimmock, Alice Stratford, Imogen Simmonds, Hannah Lord, Melissa King, Claire Shea-Simonds, Lynsey Elliott, Sheila Jansen, Donna James, Barbara Holmes, Joanne Baker, Vanessa Glyn Jones

Middle Distance Triathlon

James Kershaw, Angus Smith, Michael Birchmore, James Gill, Oliver Milk, Iain Robertson, Pete Eggleston, Dean Moy, Antony Brown, Christopher Sardo, Stuart McGowan, Ray Gray, Lucy Charles, Hannah McInroy Naylor, Lauren Bradshaw, Lucie Custance, Lucie Weinwright, Sarah Dowling, Ruth Hutton, Mary Twitchett, Penny Edwards


Travis Bramley, Kieran Townsend, Harry Smith, David Bartlett, Terry Bonnett, James Miller, Paul Smoothy, Simon Attwood, Dave Bethell, Ted Hamilton, Brian Grierson, Geoffrey Gearing, Sian Temple, Laura Aspen, Ellen Hemsworth, Jessica Thorpe, Caroline Greenaway, Tania Biagini-Williams, Sarah Myford, Shayne Attwood


Phil Hogg, Richard Mcleod, Steven Crowley, Ruth Wilson

Club Relays

One Life Racing (Male Juniors), One Life Racing (Female Juniors), Optima Racing Team, Brat Club, Tri Camp, One Life Racing (Female Vet 40), Tri4U Coaching, Leicester Tri Club, Tri Camp (Male Senior), Derby Triathlon Club, Mersey Tri, TVT, Arragons Cumbrian Triathlon Club, Tri Camp (MX Vet 40), Erdinger Alkoholfrei 1, Jackpot Racing, Holmfirth Harriers, Racetime Triathlon Club


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