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Coach Finder for Level 3 Coaches


Did you know, as a qualified Level 3 coach who holds our Coach Plus Membership, you are eligible to appear on our Coach Finder page?

A public facing area on the website where members can search for an approved and qualified British Triathlon Level 3 Coach. For whatever reason, if you haven't filled out your profile and would like to appear on the listing, we set out a step by step guide to getting this done.

UK Anti-Doping Advisory Course

The first step is that you will need to confirm that you have completed the UK Anti-Doping Advisory course. This is a requirement for all new Level 3 coaches and those wanting to appear on our Coach Finder page.

The UKAD course is a free online course that should take you approximately 90 minutes to complete and concludes with a series of short assessment questions to confirm your understanding on the key areas of anti-doping. A Clean Sport Advisor plays an essential role in informing athletes and their athlete support personnel (ASP) about the values of clean sport and important anti-doping information.

The course does not need to be completed in one whole sitting, you can start the course and save your progress and continue another time. On successful completion, you will be issued with an electronic certificate, a copy of which you will need to send to coaching@britishtriathlon.org. You can access the course HERE

Accessing Your Profile

Next you will need to complete your profile. We created a step-by-step guide on how to create your unique profile for our website which can you find below.


The above steps can be done in any order, however, only on completion of both steps and review and approval from the Coach Development Team will your profile become live.

If you have any queries, please contact Elly Gorley, Coach Development Coordinator at coaching@britishtriathlon.org.


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