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Annual General Meeting

2021 Triathlon England AGM

In 2021, the Triathlon England AGM will take place on Wednesday 24 November at 7:00pm. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic but also to make attendance as convenient as possible, we will once again host the AGM via Zoom.

An agenda for the Triathlon England AGM can be found below:

To register to attend the AGM, follow the button below and complete the registration form by 9am, Monday 23 November.



The Triathlon England AGM needs you

The AGM is an opportunity for all affiliated clubs and Home Nation members to come together to hear about the work Triathlon England has done over the past 12 months. The deadline to submit resolutions for voting has now passed. As no resolutions were received from our members, there is no need to record any votes in advance of the meeting.

This year, the AGM will NOT coincide with the Triathlon England Conference or Annual Awards. These will be held during early 2022 with further details to follow.

2020 Triathlon England Conference and AGM

In 2020, the Triathlon England Conference took place on Saturday 14 November and was delivered virtually, containing several aspects which included pre-recorded messages, live Q&As, the Triathlon England AGM and Triathlon England Awards.

On this page, you can see a rundown of the day, as well as time stamps which enable you to find specific segments of the conference on the video recording below. Also included in the rundown is the minutes from the 2020 AGM and links to specific documents within them.

AGM and Conference Highlights

Welcome with Andy Salmon

British Triathlon CEO, Andy Salmon, opened the 2020 Triathlon England Conference and welcomed attendees to the virtual event.

Keynote with Mike Cavendish and Ben Bright

British Triathlon Performance Director, Mike Cavendish, and Olympic Programme Head Coach, Ben Bright, delivered a keynote speech providing insight into preparation and delivering of performances at an Olympic Games.

Q&A with Mike Cavendish and Ben Bright (00:13:10)

Following their keynote, Mike and Ben answered questions from the attendees at the conference.


Attendees of the conference then split off into six workshops that they had signed up to in advance. These were delivered live virtually to attendees on the day and were:

  • Delivering a great GO TRI experience in the current climate
  • Technical Official social
  • England Pathway Q&A – for youth and junior athletes
  • Clean Sport Workshop
  • Safeguarding – grooming and positions of trust in sport
  • Club Workshop – club development, club affiliation and benefits

As these were delivered live and in concurrent, individual virtual formats, there is no recording of the individual workshops.

Youth Forum Year in Review (01:49:48) 

The Triathlon England Youth Forum is a key vehicle for ensuring that the views and ideas of the youngest participants in triathlon are heard and included in decision making. A video was shown of the forum of volunteers presenting their year in review, along with Amy Crow, Head of Children and Young People at British Triathlon.

Triathlon England AGM Minutes (02:06:59)

The Triathlon England AGM took place as part of the virtual conference in 2020. Below are the minutes taken from the AGM and the time markers for each section:


  1. Welcome and Chair’s Report
    1. Debbie Clarke, Chair of Triathlon England, welcomed everyone to the AGM and provided an overview of 2020 and the many challenges of responding to the global pandemic. She extended her sincere thanks to the clubs, coaches, volunteers, members and event organisers who had worked so hard and been so supportive of efforts to enable people to return to activity and events during the summer.


  1. Triathlon England Council President’s Report (02:18:32)
    1. The Triathlon England Council President presented his review of the year and reflections on what 2020 looked like for different groups within the organisation and the sport from grassroots participation across the country.


  1. Financial Report (02:26:04)
    1. Louise McFadzean, Independent Non-Executive Director of Triathlon England presented the 2019/20 annual accounts and reported a very positive year financially. A surplus of £139,000 was reported against a budget surplus of £12,000. Further progress had been made in growing independent (non-public) revenue from 49% to 53% and reserves had been restored to a healthy level.
    2. She advised that British Triathlon had also reported a significant turnaround in financial performance and that this would be highly significant and beneficial as we navigate through the global pandemic.
    3. Looking ahead to the current financial year, the current forecast was to produce a deficit of £245,000 against the original budget of a £46,000 surplus. This was entirely attributable to Covid-19 and specifically to a loss of event permitting, membership and coach education revenue.


  1. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report (02:32:20)
    1. Halima Khan, Independent Non-Executive Director for Diversity and Inclusion of Triathlon England shared progress made across a number of characteristics over the past two years and the work that remains to be done to make the sport more inclusive.


  1. Meet the Triathlon England Management Board (02:38:09)
    1. The Triathlon England Management Board has collective responsibility for the management, direction and performance of the sport, and provides leadership within a framework of prudent and effective controls. The Directors of the Board are selected on the criteria of proven skill and ability in their particular field of endeavour and a diversity of outlook and experience which directly benefits the operation of the Board as the custodian of the sport.
    2. A pre-recorded video was shared, introducing all board members.


  1. Other updates
    1. A series of slides were shown which updated members on various areas of Triathlon England activities and strategies, including talent pathways, workforce, 2020 initiatives and the organisation’s technology strategy.


  1. 2019 AGM Minutes (02:44:22)
    1. The chair confirmed that no comments had been received and so the minutes of the 2019 AGM would be taken as approved.


  1. Voting and Resolutions (02:44:32)
    1. In accordance with the Triathlon England Regulations, three Special Resolutions had been published with Triathlon England members able to vote in advance of the meeting. The chair provided an overview to each resolution and informed the meeting as to the outcome of the votes cast.
    2. To view the resolutions that were voted on and the results of the votes, please click here


  1. Questions (02:48:18)


  1. Close of AGM from the Triathlon England Conference

Triathlon England Awards and Q&As

Q&A with 2016 Paralympic Champion Andy Lewis (03:49:46) 

Paralympic, World and European gold medallist, Andy Lewis, has recently retired from paratriathlon and joined the conference for a Q&A about his time as a paratriathlete and life away from the sport.

Triathlon England Awards (04:08:08)

There were seven awards celebrated at the 2020 Triathlon England Awards:

  • Virtual Coach of the Year – Colin Amaral
  • Virtual Activity of the Year – Frances Wilde
  • Multisport Event of the Year – GO TRI Hull
  • Coach of the Year – Rebecca Goodwin
  • Volunteer of the Year – Robert Baddeley
  • Club of the Year – Ponteland Tri Club
  • Key Worker of the Year – Kate Bozianu, Heidi Elliot, Adam Elderfield, Gemma Korff and Susie Foster

You can find out more about the 2020 Triathlon England Awards by clicking here.

The awards also included Q&As with Triathlon England Chair, Debbie Clarke, (04:11:32 – 04:16:30) and 2019 Cagliari World Cup and Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham gold medallist, Sophie Coldwell, (04:25:29 – 04:41:40).

Triathlon England Chair and President’s Closing Remarks (05:01:47)

Debbie Clarke and Jamie Gordon thanked everyone for attending and closed the 2020 Triathlon England Conference.


Resolutions for Triathlon England can be found in the archive through the link below:

2019 Resolutions

2018 Resolutions

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