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English Sprint Triathlon Champions Crowned at Blithfield Triathlon


The English Championships continued last weekend as the Blithfield Triathlon played host to the English Sprint Triathlon Championships.

In what was the events second time hosting the Championships, athletes completed a 750m swim before a 21km bike course and a 5km run of Blithfield Reservoir and the Staffordshire country side.

Medals were awarded to the top-three Triathlon England members in each age group for both the open and female categories. There were also overall race wins for Matthew James in the open category and Hayley Rigby in the female category. 

The female category saw Eva Holden (U20), Felicity Lee (20-24), Chloe Truffitt (25-29), Hayley Rigby (30-34), Josephine Mullane (35-39), Kate Miller (40-44), Tina Wilson (45-49), Gaynor Beckett (50-54), Rachel Smith (55-59), Jane Carter (60-64), Louise Bailey (65-69), and Sandy Anning (70-74) all become English Sprint Triathlon Champions.

In the open category there were wins for Jeremy Maclean (U20), Mark McCall (20-24), William Kirk (25-29), Matthew James (30-34), Martyn Taylor (35-39), Carl Shaw (40-44), Phil Ellison (45-49), Tim Watson (50-54), Darren Jones (55-59), Mick Flaherty (60-64), Paul Gittings (65-69), Keith Blake (70-74), and Alan Churcher (75-79).

A full list of medal winners can be found below.

Under 20
Female: Gold – Eva Holden
Open: Gold – Jeremy Maclean, Silver – Thomas Allen, Bronze – James Crossey

Female: Gold – Felicity Lee, Silver – Peta Jarvis
Open: Gold – Mark McCall, Silver – Ethan Nevett, Bronze – Ben Allen

Female: Gold – Chloe Truffitt, Silver – Emily Young, Bronze – Laoise Bennis
Open: Gold – William Kirk, Silver – David Shepherd, Bronze – Tom Radley

Female: Gold – Hayley Rigby, Silver – Jessie Sleight
Open: Matthew James, Iain Hodgson

Female: Gold – Josephine Mullane
Open: Gold – Martyn Taylor, Silver – Will Senior, Bronze – Luke Halliday

Female: Gold – Kate Miller, Silver – Susie Freeman, Bronze – Debs Kerry
Open: Gold – Carl Shaw, Silver – Yiannis Christodoulou, Bronze – Colin Bailey

Female: Gold – Tina Wilson, Silver – Jane Eaton, Bronze – Claire Thompson
Open: Gold – Phil Ellison, Silver – David Hill, Mark Taylor

Female: Gold – Gaynor Beckett, Silver – Anna Bennett, Bronze – Joanne Whitehouse
Open: Gold – Tim Watson, Silver – Mark Richardson, Bronze – Mark Hanby

Female: Gold – Rachel Smith, Silver – Sue Stroud
Open: Gold – Darren Jones, Silver – David Meads, Bronze – Marius Kwint

Female: Gold – Jane Carter
Open: Gold – Mick Flaherty, Silver – Ian Smith, Bronze – Paul Spowage

Female: Gold – Louise Bailey
Open: Gold – Paul Gittings, Silver – Duncan Thomas, Bronze – Mike Jay

Female: Gold – Sandy Anning, Silver – Sue Cannaby
Open: Keith Bate, Silver – David Leak,

Open: Gold – Alan Churcher  

To learn more about English Championship races click here.

Images by Mick Hall Photography 

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