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English Standard Distance Championships Held At Dambuster Triathlon


The English Championship season continued in June with the Dambuster Triathlon playing host to the English Standard Distance Championships.

Triathletes completed a lap of Whitwell Creek before taking on routes around the north shore of Rutland Water and towards Normanton, with the aim of becoming English Champion in their respective age group.

Medals were awarded to the top-three Triathlon England members in each age group for both the open and female categories. Matthew Nelson and Megan Blake received medals as overall race winners, adding to their respective age group wins.

In the female category Orla Godfrey (20-24), Megan Blake (25-29), Victoria Bromley (30-34), Lisa Udall (35-39), Sonja Whatson (40-44), Jane Eaton (45-49), Liz Aeuty (50-54), Nicki Rushton (55-59), Hilary Briggs (60-64), Jane Bell (65-69) and Sarah Barrett (75-79) were all crowed English Standard Distance Champions.

In the open category there were wins for Matt Bailey (20-24), Jake Watson (25-29), Matthew Nelson (30-34), Ben Marsters (35-39), Carl Shaw (40-44), Clark Schofield (45-49), Simon Fawcett (50-54), Sean Flynn (55-59), Christopher Gibson (60-64), Duncan Thomas (65-69), Tony Johnson (70-74) and Michael Smallwood (75-79).

A full list of medal winners can be found below.

Female: Gold – Orla Godfrey, Silver – Rebecca Miller
Open: Gold – Matt Bailey, Silver – Sam Murray, Bronze Jonny Miller

Female: Gold – Megan Blake, Silver – Rebecca Parkin, Bronze – Beth Bradford
Open: Gold – Jake Watson, Silver – Chris Davies, Bronze – Daniel Shepherd

Female: Gold – Victoria Bramley, Silver – Stephanie Wise, Bronze – Jenny Gibbon
Open: Gold – Matthew Nelson, Silver – Peter Hogben, Bronze – Henry Sleight

Female: Gold – Lisa Udall, Silver – Emily Taiano, Bronze – Beverley Tipping
Open: Gold – Ben Marsters, Silver – Joe Banns, Bronze – Tom Marshall,

Female: Gold – Sonja Whatson, Silver – Rachel Bibby, Bronze – Susan Pugh
Open: Gold – Carl Shaw, Silver – Matthew Stratford, Bronze – Yiannis Christodoulou

Female: Gold – Jane Eaton, Silver – Louise Parr, Bronze – Vivienne Sparks
Open: Gold – Clark Schofield, Silver – Tony Rendall, Bronze – Chris Wood

Female: Gold – Liz Fleuty, Silver – Wendy McBride, Bronze – Mel Wheeler
Open: Gold – Simon Fawcett, Silver – Mark Richardson, Bronze – Eugene Grant

Female: Gold – Nicki Rushton, Silver – Sarah Edmond, Bronze – Kerry Wright
Open: Gold – Sean Flynn, Silver – David Meads, Bronze – James Gibbs

Female: Gold – Hilary Briggs, Silver – Valerie Place, Bronze – Wendy Griffin
Open: Gold – Christopher Gibbs, Silver – Jeremy Snoad, Bronze – Gregory Norman

Female: Gold – Jane Bell,
Open: Gold – Duncan Thomas, Silver – Paul Roberts, Bronze – Paul North

Open: Gold – Tony Johnson

Female: Gold – Sarah Barrett
Gold: Michael Smallwood

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Photos by Mick Hall Photography

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