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GO TRI Club Focus: Brighton Tri Club


We caught up with Brighton Tri Club to find out what goes on behind the scenes of a GO TRI event.

What GO TRI events do you organise?

We run a series of five GO TRI events across the Summer, consisting of an Open Air (Lido) swim and an off-road run. The event is a circular (no push-off the end!) swim followed by a run around a nearby park. 

Where are your events based?

They are all hosted at the fabulous Pells Pool in Lewes, making the most of a safe, first-time friendly Open Water like experience plus the neighbouring park.


How much do your GO TRI events cost?  

Each GoTri costs £10 for adults, and £5 for children, but we offer a whole series package which makes each event even cheaper to participate in.

How do people enter? 

Anyone can enter via the simple online registration page on our website here.

How many people have taken part in your GO TRI events? 

This year we had over 150 individuals taking part, most of whom raced on multiple events through the summer. Across the five events the gender split was 33% female. We average around 40 athletes at each event (although the warmer months bring out more people, funnily enough). Now that we are running GO TRI for anyone from age 8 upwards we are seeing numbers increase markedly.

How many volunteers does it take to run your events?

We are blessed with an energetic and engaged club who turn out to run and support the event each time. Whilst we could operate a GO TRI with around 10 marshals plus our Event Director, we normally have 15+ volunteers on the day.

Our GO TRI series this year was huge success thanks to our Event Director Kevin Hancock and his team and the hospitality of Pells Pool in Lewes. As a club we are always excited to introduce new athletes to the world of triathlon and hope to continue to inspire the adults and children of Sussex next season. As well as our GO TRI sessions, we always have an open door to new members and encourage people to come and try a session with us before joining.

More information can be found on our website and via our Facebook page.



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