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GO TRI is invaluable for a beginner, says David


Nervous about taking part in your first GO TRI event? David talks you through his experience, to help put you at ease.

We spoke to David Own from Maidstone in Kent, who told us how he got involved in local GO TRI events.

"Having previously served in the Royal Engineers, I am not entirely new to exercise, although I left the army some 8 years ago and have done nothing since.  

As a tubby 47 year old asthmatic I was quite apprehensive about starting to train again, but the more I got into it and the fitter I got the less the asthma affected me or my training.

I found out about GO TRI on the internet, I actually came across it by accident but am so glad I did.  I searched through the web site and found my local GO TRI, which was at Mote Park in Maidstone.  The events were organised by Maidstone Harriers and they have done an absolutely amazing job. 

Everything was expertly done.  On arrival there was someone to talk you through transition, laying out your kit with top tips, all of which is invaluable for a beginner.  During the event the marshals were fantastic giving encouragement and clear directions.  They really helped and there were plenty of them.  At the finish line there were medals and lots of well done's, real encouragement to spur people on to their next event.

I really do have the triathlon bug now, and will be doing more events this season.  I will be taking part in the GO TRI aquathlons at Mote Park for sure.

For anyone looking to get into triathlon-just do it, you will not regret it at all.  If a tubby 47 year old asthmatic can do it so can you!"

To find your nearest GO TRI event, visit www.gotri.org

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