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Triathlon England National Middle Distance Triathlon Championship 2017


On Sunday 23 July the Owler Tri, hosted by Tri Spirit Events, hosted the fourth Triathlon England National Championship of the year.

Issues at the event, including signage tampering and marshalling, led to a number of competitors completing a longer bike and run course than was intended.

Having reviewed and analysed the results of the Championship race, the decision has been taken to award Triathlon England medals to those eligible members that finished the event and placed first, second and third in their respective age category.

This decision has been reached by careful scrutiny of the placings of competitors in each age category, and a desire to recognise those members that completed the event.

Duncan Hough, Triathlon England’s Director Events, Rules and Technical said:

"On behalf of Triathlon England we would like to apologise to our members who took part in the National Middle Distance Triathlon Championships on Sunday who were affected by the issues on the day. A full review with the event organiser is already underway, as we understand the frustration and disappointment about the way in which your race was affected.

“The race delivery plans submitted went through a very rigorous tender process and both we and the organisers were looking forward to a high-quality Championship race, providing a great experience for all our members and competitors. The event organisers have already contacted the participants who were impacted, and we are reassured by their commitment to resolve the issues for future events.”

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